wow it has been a long time since I last updated, but here goes.

Last I am sure anybody knew, I have a house which is wonderful and I have a kitten which is 1 year old and rather large. I was also working 2, sometimes 3 jobs and not doing much in the fun category.

new news. This year has been very long for me. Along with the stress of working in retail and theatre, I also lost my father in March from a massive heart attack. It has thrown the rest of my year into controlled chaos, as I spent the better part of it working to try and avoid the emotional aftermath. Not very healthy, I know, but I needed to be strong for my mother. We have grown closer to each other must faster than I think we would have normally. I know that he is hanging out somewhere close by so i am at peace with that, but really I am frustrated and not a little bit angry. The rest of my life goes along, but emotionally I am still kinda frazzled. It has really made me take a look at my life and where it is at. Work wise, i have found a place in the theatre company in which I can expand and evolve, so I dropped the retail job. eventually though, I will have to either find another better paying job or rent my other room out on a permanent basis to make mortgage, but for now, I am doing well.

This Christmas will be interesting and not a little bit stressful. I am thankful that my brother has married someone wonderful and that her 2 oldest kids have joined us from the Philipines in May. The timing couldn't have been better. My mom's little sister and family are coming up here for Christmas and that will ease things a bit.

In short I am alive and doing well.
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yay for kitties

I am most likely taking my brother's kitten, Frankie, and keeping him. He has 2 cats that kind of get a lon, but not great. I am taking the kitten for a week and see if my bro can really part with him and if he will be happy with me. The good things are 1) he will have a good home, 2) he won't be far away at all.
I missed having animals
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Christmas is....

Lots of gifts for the house. Funny thing thing this week is that I was going to get baking dishes and towels with a gift card that I got for my birthday (thank you Linda, but I got them for Christmas. So I am set for my kitchen and bathroom (Yay)
Nice warm PJs from Carla and Shawn (I have never been warmer)
Flannel Sheets, Pirates 2, scarves, fairies (this was a year for fairies), and even a really beautiful scarf from the kids in the Phillipines. That was really sweet.
Christmas has been good. My birthday has been good ( Alas, another year older), and I even made it to Dickens Faire twice. VERY happy about that.
Good times with good friends. Nothing can be better than that.
Now to work on New Years.
Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year, and If I don't see you before, then I will see you next year.
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What I get for Christmas

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Two bottles of whiskey
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this looked fun


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HAve been talking to Konrad again( you owe me a longer e-mail, my dear) and started thinking of a goal for next year. By the end of next year I will be going to Germany to visit him. Bottom line, end of story. I owe him a visit and besides that, it is time for me to get out of here again. So, beginning of next year, I will be on a career search for something that will get me there. I also will money for it. (yeah! There is a thought)So there is that.
Bought christmas present for the bro and birthday p. for the dad, so I am working on the holiday shopping. Anybody who wants a christmas card, I am collecting addresses. If anybody is on myspace, you can find me there under gidget121972.
My house is coming along. It seems like everytime I try to plan on painting soimething, there ten other things that have to happen first. It gets irritating because I just want it to get done already. I always hoped the house could paint itself. Wouldn't that be nice?
Nothing new in any other department.
Just chillin.
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